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glossary symptoms

Welcome to the
Phytoplasma Resource Center
hosted by the
Molecular Plant Pathology Laboratory (MPPL)

Glossary; symptoms

Plants infected by phytoplasmas may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms:

Phyllody - development of leaf-like growths in place of normal flower parts (image 1) (image 2)

Virescence - development of green color in place of normal flower color (image 1)

Witches broom - abnormal, excessive proliferation of axillary shoots resulting in a broom-like growth (image 1)

Yellowing - leaves loose normal green color, becoming yellow (image 1)

Little leaf - development of abnormally small leaves (image 1)

Proliferation - abnormal growth of numerous stems (shoots) (image 1)

Necrosis - death of cells and/or tissues

Dieback - generally refers to death of branches on woody plants, shrubs, trees; typically, young shoots, twigs, and distal portions of branches die progressively toward older plant parts

Stunting - overall reduction of plant height due to shortening of internod

Bunchy top - shortening of internodes at and near the tip of a branch, resulting in bunched growth at the end of the branch

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